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A locally owned and operated butcher plant and Deli Store. Saskatchewan government inspected and certified for our customer’s health and safety. We support local ranches by ensuring all the products we offer are made from locally grown livestock.

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Premium Beef

TLC Beef Sides Cut, Wrapped, Frozen and Ready for Your Freezer.

Carefully selected grain finished beef. Aged for 14-21 days, cut, wrapped and frozen in a provincially inspected facility.

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Superior Meats Deli has fresh cuts of beef, pork, & lamb, many sausages; and all the smoked options of the meats. Some of our sausages are ethnic recipes. We have just recently started carrying hamburger and hotdog buns from The Grainery Bakery, a local bakery in Gull Lake. Another recent addition is cheese from Grass Root Dairy in Salmon Arm, BC. 

Our fresh cuts are from locally raised animals, cut and packed and delivered to the Deli fresh. In the Cryovac packs we keep it in the cooler for 7 days. It is then moved to the freezer to keep it from ageing for your convenience.

We produce a lot of our own recipes. This allows the varieties of meat to be Gluten Free and Allergen Free. It is a pleasant surprise for those who need the GF products. We also carry All Beef versions of sausages for those who cannot eat pork.

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Handcrafted, Artisan Sausages

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Visit our Deli @ 906 Central Ave N, Swift Current

We offer a large selection of small-batch sausages, cured and smoked meats. Our sausage selection includes; Summer, Farmers, Mennonite, Landjägers, German, Asian, European and other specialty sausages. All of which are available for purchase at our Deli.