Welcome to Superior Meats (2021) Ltd.

A locally owned and operated butcher plant and Deli Store. Government inspected and certified for our customer’s health and safety. We support local ranches by ensuring all the products we offer are made from locally grown livestock.

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We are a Southwest SK ranch family that has lived here since 1992. We bought Superior Meats in Swift Current in May of 2021 after being a customer that took our beef there for processing and delivering sides of beef to the homes of people who wanted our freezer beef. We do custom processing of beef, pork, and lamb, custom sausage making and also market freezer beef from our longhorn & longhorn/angus herds.

Our #1 best practice has been the Pasture to Plate model. When a customer comes in and questions where the beef came from, we know the cow herd it came from, the pastures where it was raised, the feedlot it was finished in, and the butcher that turned it into the beef for your plate. If you are lucky, we may even have a photo of them with their mom and a story or two.

TLC Ranch raises Long Horn cattle for replacement heifers and Long Horn herd bulls. If the animal doesn’t make one of those cuts, then they go to the feedlot to finish. Those animals come back as meat for the showcase. Only these get the TLC Gold sticker.

They also raise Half Angus Half Long Horn cattle. Some of those are put back into the herd as cows and bulls. If they don’t make the cut as a sale bull or replacement heifer, they go to the feedlot and come back as meat for the showcase. These are the TLC Silver stickers; Long Horn cross beef.

The Longhorn breed is known for its easy marbling and tenderness!

Superior meats Deli has fresh cuts of beef, pork, & lamb, many sausages; and all the smoked options of the meats. Some of our sausages are ethnic recipes. You can find some local/small business products in our store, such as,  spices from Rave BBQ Rubs as well as Pueblo sauces and spices. We also carry fresh dinner, hamburger, and hotdog buns from The Grainery Bakery, in Gull Lake. Don’t forget about the awesome selection of cheese from Grass Root Dairy in Salmon Arm, BC.